The 9th Annual Schoolhouse 5k Run/Walk!


This year's Schoolhouse run was held on Sunday, April 9th, at Selkirk Shores State Park*, as a way to raise money toward the future of the Pulaski Marching Band. This year's activities included the usual 5k as well a half mile fun run for kids. 

Prizes were awarded to the first and second place male and female top finishers of the 5k run/walk. 



*In cooperation with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation - Central Region.


The 2015 School House 5k was held on March 8th at the Pulaski Fire Hall. Race day included raffles and prizes as well as chicken dinners cooked by the firemen. We were able to raise over $3500 towards the next band trip. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!

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By participating in this event you are helping us reach our goal of running, a collective mileage of 820 miles, a roundtrip from Pulaski to Washington D.C. At 3.1 miles a person, a minimum of 266 runners is required to accomplish this goal. Every person counts, so come and join the fun!


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Successful DC Trip

07/28/2014 17:24
The Pulaski Marching Band, with the help of generous sponsers as well as everyone who raced, had an amazing time marching in our nations capitol.